Certified Welding Inspector

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Inspecting and testing welded joints of work in progress and of completed units for visible defects, correct dimensions, joint strength, bead formation, weld penetration, and conformance with layout, blueprint and work order specifications, applying knowledge of welding principles and metallurgical properties
  • Assist in the implementation and the maintenance of the Quality Management System; Records inspection data.
  • Examine joint to detect flaws, such as cracks, cold weld, spatter, and undercuts using visual or NDE processes.
  • Monitoring joints for hidden cracks and pits Performs inspection for incoming parts, performs final and supplier inspections
  • Reviewing stress tests on joint, using stress test equipment, or prepares sample for stress testing and reviews results
  • Verify alignment and dimensions of product and set up of machines and fixtures used for work in progress
  • Observe techniques and performance of welders in shop
  • Develop and execute inspection plans to ensure compliance with appropriate regulatory guidelines
  • Ensure that all measuring and monitoring equipment are calibrated, update and maintain calibration records
  • Interact and provide responses to regulatory agency and customer personnel during their audits and inspections
  • Direct non-destructive test (NDT) contractor services on various materials, parts and assemblies
  • Help in the reporting, documenting, disposition on nonconforming products
  • Assist in Internal audits
  • Prepare routine and special reports to quality manager, and regulatory agencies as required
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • Maintains punctual, regular and predictable attendance
  • Works collaboratively in a team environment with a spirit of cooperation
  • Displays excellent communication skills including presentation, persuasion, and negotiation skills required in working with customers and coworkers and including the ability to communicate effectively and remain calm and courteous under pressure
Minimum Experience and Qualifications
  • Associate’s degree preferred and two to four years of experience/training preferred.
  • CWI Visual (VTII) Required
  • MP Certified Required
  • UT Certified Required

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