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Ridgeland, Mississippi
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Service Specialists is recruiting a VP of Communications for an advocacy organization based in Ridgeland. This individual needs proven communications and public policy experience with a mix of someone who is passionate about creating opportunity for all Mississippians.  This successful candidate will be a crucial factor in the future of Mississippi 

ROLE 1: PLANNING & STRATEGY                                                                               (25% of time)

Responsibilities of Role:
  • Lead in design of strategic communications plan that includes content and distribution strategy to our four key audiences: Legislative Leaders, Community Stakeholders, Influencers, and Donors
  • Develop and monitor messaging to ensure it is brand consistent and appealing to the audiences we want to reach
  • Engage with legislators and political allies to gain in-depth understanding of the political landscape and craft the most effective communication strategy for each audience
  • Have close communications with Empower policy team to ensure policy and communications (and any related campaigns) are aligned

  • Help create a clear communications strategy that helps the organization achieve goals
  • Resources will be properly spent to achieve both marketing and larger organizational goals
  • We will use cutting-edge technology to ensure we’re using the most effective communications mediums
  • We will be able to act and lead, rather than just react
ROLE 2: COMMUNICATIONS EXECUTION                                                                 (45% of time)

Responsibilities of Role:
  • Produce timely and relevant content on a regular basis
  • Monitor bills as they move through the legislative process
  • Review legislation and talk with lawmakers to create bill summaries and talking points
  • Attend legislative committee meetings and report on legislative hearings at the direction of the Senior Vice President
  • Register as a lobbyist so you can come and go from the capitol as needed
  • Utilize best technology options available to spread our message
  • Supervise Communications Manager (if we hire one)
  • Look for areas to be creative in adapting new technology options
  • Oversee all social media channels

ROLE 3: MEDIA RELATIONS                                                                                       (20% of time)

Responsibilities of Role:
  • Ensure we are providing current information (via press releases, emails, texts, etc.) to media in a timely manner
  • Foster relationships with key media personnel so they know who we are, that we are credible, and what issues we are supporting

  • Media consistently hears from us and is aware of our issues and our role in legislation moving forward
  • We are viewed as the expert on issues we are supporting
  • We can plainly explain our issues to the media
  • Approximately 800 media hits for the year

ROLE 4: ISSUE SPOKESPERSON                                                                                  (10% of time)

Responsibilities of Role:
  • Representation our position on issues through a variety of mediums and events
  • Engage with legislators, policy staffers, and coalition partners at SVP’s direction

  • Interview with members of the media on behalf of Empower regarding our issues and bills as they move through the legislative process
  • Go on the radio to advocate for our policy priorities
  • Author op-eds when topic or timing demands

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