Direct Placement

Fill Your Permanent Roles With Qualified Direct Hire Candidates

Organizations need qualified employees in order to simply operate, much less thrive. However, hiring new employees can be expensive as well as time consuming. And even then, sometimes the candidates you’ve vetted, hired, and onboarded may be a bad fit or not properly qualified.

If you want to reduce turnover as well as the amount of time you spend on human resources, you may consider hiring candidates through Direct Placement services.

About Direct Placement Services

Service Specialists has placed thousands of candidates into permanent roles since 1967. We are trusted by some of the nation’s top companies to headhunt top talent for their organizations.

Our Recruitment Approach

Service Specialists recognizes that each organization we recruit for has a unique checklist for their candidates. Requirements for a successful hire may include education, specific certifications, and experience.

However, we understand that oftentimes a candidate’s experience and education does not directly translate to the appropriate skill set they need in order to be successful in the position.

Our expertly trained recruiters work to understand your business needs in order to locate the ideal candidates for your company.

Our Direct Hire Recruiting Results

Learn more about how Service Specialists helps meet the recruitment needs of our clients in search of direct hire workers in the medical field by visiting Recruitment Results.

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