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Fill Your Temporary Roles With Qualified Candidates from Service Specialists

If you have a short-term assignment or temporary role to fill, Service Specialists offers temporary and contract position staffing and recruitment services for a wide variety of clients and industries.

Temp Assignments

Short- or Long-Term

A temporary position can be either a short- or long-term job assignment. Our temporary employees undergo an extensive application process. We even perform background checks if the client wishes us to do so.


Many of our temp jobs will lead to something permanent if the company sees the candidate as an asset to their business. If a temp employee performs well, these employers may offer them a permanent, full-time position to stay on with their firm.

Approach to Staffing & Recruitment

Service Specialists works with clients across the country to understand their unique hiring needs and challenges as well as their own company culture. We work to understand our clients’ needs to that we can find the best talent available.

Human Resources & Payroll Services

We make it easy to onboard new temporary or contract employees by staffing you with our own trusted employees. Service Specialists can staff your organization with our own employees and carry these individuals on our own payroll.

Our Temp Recruiting Results

Learn more about how Service Specialists helps meet the recruitment needs of our clients in search of temporary workers in call and fulfillment centers by visiting Recruitment Results.

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