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Are You Hiring? Service Specialists Can Find Ideal Industrial and Manufacturing Candidates

At Service Specialists, we work with clients across the country to understand their unique hiring needs and challenges as well as their own company culture. The goal in our approach is to make better matches that truly reflect our clients’ needs.

For the past five years we have staffed over 6,000 positions in manufacturing and industrial environments throughout the country.  

We identify the skill sets needed, screen and vet candidates, deliver quality applicants, assist with setting up interviews, and even staff positions using our own employees and carry these individuals on our payroll—we are truly a full-service talent solution in the manufacturing and industrial space.

Industrial and Manufacturing Recruitment Options

We offer the opportunity for businesses to utilize both our temporary services and recruitment services for permanent positions.

Temporary Services
  • A temporary position can be either a short- or long-term job assignment. Most of our temp jobs will lead to something permanent if the company they are doing a temporary job for sees them as an asset to the business. The employer may offer them a permanent full-time position to stay on with their firm.
  • Most of our clients generally hire temps to fill a role to see how well they do before actually putting them on the payroll as a full-time regular employee. 
  • Our temporary employees undergo an extensive application process including a background and drug testing check if the client wishes. 
Full-Time Permanent

Our recruitment division is trusted by some of the country’s largest companies to headhunt top talent for their organizations. Our unique headhunting approach results in the absolute best fit for our clients. 

We have extensive relevant experience in recruiting and staffing industrial manufacturing positions for over 50 years. For the past five years we have staffed over 6,000 positions in manufacturing and industrial environments throughout the country.  

Our expertise is not bound by industry or geography. Rather, our expertise spans various industries including Government Agencies, Manufacturing and Consumer Products, Retail, Telecomm Providers, and more.

Contact Service Specialists for Your Recruitment Needs

Service Specialists recognizes that each company has a unique checklist of skills and areas of experience that are necessary for a successful hire. We recognize that oftentimes experience or education does not always translate to the appropriate skill set. Our expertly trained recruiters are skilled at understanding your business needs and will locate the ideal candidates at any level within a company.

Looking for an Industrial or Manufacturing Job?

We know that you’re more than your resume, and we understand that the only way to make a great match is to understand you, your goals, and your interests in your next role.

Whether you’re just starting out or seeking a role to advance your career, you’ll have our support every step of the way. It all starts with us getting to know you. Our team of experienced recruiters will work with you to better understand your skills and career goals to find you the best opportunity as a professional as well as a person.

Our team will get to know you, what you want in your next role and design a plan to help you get there.  We’ll search to find a great job at a top company—temp or permanent, whichever fits you best. And it’s totally free for you.

Our Industrial & Manufacturing Clients

As one of SSL flagship areas, our Manufacturing and Industrial Team partners with large and small companies in every industry to find and place experienced and entry level talent. We have clients with locations throughout the country.

We have placed candidates in a variety of roles, including:

  • Production operator
  • Machine operator
  • General laborer
  • Shipping and receiving clerk
  • Welder
  • Quality assurance technician
  • Cleaning technician
  • Assembler

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