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Human Resources

Recruitment for HR Roles and HR Support Services

Are You Hiring for Human Resources Roles?

At Service Specialists, we work with clients across the country to understand their unique hiring needs and challenges as well as their own company culture. The goal in our approach is to provide our clients the best talent available.

We identify the skill sets needed, screen and vet candidates, deliver quality applicants, and set up interviews—we are a real full-service talent agency.

We do this to make better matches that truly reflect our clients’ needs.

Human Resources Recruitment Options

We offer the opportunity for businesses to utilize our recruitment services for permanent positions.

Full-Time Permanent

Our Human Resources recruitment division is trusted by some of the country’s largest companies to headhunt top talent for their organizations. Our unique headhunting approach results in the absolute best fit for our clients. We have two HR experts on our staff with over 25 years of experience each.

Our expertise is not bound by industry or geography, rather it spans across various industries, including Accounting firms, Manufacturing and Consumer Products, Retail,Telecomm Providers, and more.

Contact Service Specialists for Your Recruitment Needs

Service Specialists recognizes that each company has a unique checklist of schooling, certifications, and areas of experience that are necessary for a successful hire. We also understand that oftentimes certifications do not always translate to the appropriate skill set. Our success comes from the ability to understand our client’s industry and what skills a candidate will need. Our expertly trained recruiters are skilled at understanding your business needs and will locate the ideal candidates at any level of seniority within a company.

Get Human Resources and Hiring Support

Service Specialists provides support in a wide variety of assignments, including:

  • Help desk operations
  • Call center stand up
  • Captains for America’s waterways
  • Medical technical data experts
  • Market research experts
  • Logistics personnel

Our staff works together with our customer on-site to provide the end-user with world-class service.

We recruit, staff, and manage personnel through contracts that are varied in their scope. Each of our senior staff has worked in their area of expertise for over 20 years.

For more information on our HR Support Services, please send us an email or give us a call.

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