Information Technology Services
Project Audit and Quality Assurance Services
Human Resources Support
Logistics Services
Medical Administrative Services

Information Technology Services – Service Specialists supports government and commercial clients in their Information Technology (IT Systems) arena by providing business operations support personnel. Our IT subject matter experts represent a variety of sub-arenas, utilizing the latest of technical knowledge and education to assist our customers in obtaining successful operating systems. Since the beginning of the telecommunications era we have provided IT experts of all disciplines to our clients. This includes diagnosing and solving problems, launching new IT endeavors with software experts, and even the day-to-day operations of call centers and help desks.

Our Program Managers are skilled in managing a variety of projects from inception to knowledge transfer projects. We provide guidance in the implementation of IT strategies through an ever-changing market.

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Project Audit and Quality Assurance Services (PAQAS) – Service Specialists is staffed by highly qualified professionals with Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and Certified Fraud Investigation (CFI) credentials. Our approach to all client audit or quality assurance issues is a regimented structured system that thoroughly reviews, analysizes and summarizes all available information and systems. From this summary we develop a plan of execution that is based on a specific time line and systematic risk assessment process. Our strategy is simply to emphasize prevention and compliance in providing solutions for our clients needs.

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Human Resource Support – Service Specialists provides support in a wide variety of assignments from help desk operations, call center stand up, captains for America’s waterways, medical technical data experts, market research experts and even logistics personnel. Our staff works together with our customer on-site to provide the end-user with world-class service.

We recruit, staff and manage personnel through contracts that are varied in their scope. Each of our senior staff has worked in their area of expertise for over 20 years.

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Logistics Services – We provide support personnel to handle all types of logistics needs. We provide mechanical and chemical engineers, warehousing, drivers, forklift personnel, inventory management, small package services and tracking. Our senior staff members have successfully managed major Fortune organization’s logistics and warehouse operations for over 20 years.

The Logistics Services that we provide can be as simple as staffing the customer’s warehouse or as complex as providing the full-service warehouse for a customer.

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ER OR scrubs photoMedical Administrative Services – We provide support personnel to government and commercial organizations for their medical administrative staff. These personnel receive required HIPAA training, privacy standards, ethics and state mandated training. We have received commendations for “Exceptional” quality from commanding officers of major medical contracts.

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