Here’s To You, Soon-To Be Grads!


10 Tips and Tricks for Recent Graduates

  1. Be open to internships or free work to get your foot in the door and learn. Experience is much more valuable than salary.
  2. Don’t be above anything. Entitlement is the biggest turnoff to an employer.
  3. Send a personal message to five people a day to start building your network. You never know where a simple message can lead.
  4. Clean up your social media.
  5. Have a 60-second “elevator” pitch ready to respond to the ubiquitous first interview question: “Tell me about yourself.”
  6. Find a mentor.
  7. Have three PROFESSIONAL references prepared and communicate to each of them that you are using them as a reference.
  8. The first step to a job hunt should be calling an employment agency (Service Specialists!) We can guide you, give resume advice and interview tips. We are your advocate in this process and have a lot better chance in getting you in front of the right opportunities. (And it’s for free!)
  9. Be a sponge. Your fresh eyes are valuable to an employer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  10. STAY CONFIDENT! The process of finding a job can be frustrating and even scary with a lot of unknowns. Persevere and trust the right door will open for you!

Are You a College Grad Looking for Your First Job?

Contact Service Specialists. We place new graduates in their first professional positions after college.

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