The Golden Rule

By Deborah Martin

 I walked in the offices of what I hoped would be a new client. My meeting was to be with the Hiring Manager and the CEO. I had never met these individuals but was pumped for the opportunity.

I introduced myself to the receptionist, signed the visitor log and told her that I had an appointment with the CEO & Hiring Manager.

The receptionist told me that I was probably going to have to wait 30+ minutes because there was a business issue they were dealing with. I thought to myself, “there goes my entire morning.”

The receptionist was obviously the gate keeper. She was friendly & talkative. She started asking me lots of questions about our company. The question that got me? She said what do you think about me as a candidate?

I responded that she was friendly, welcoming & asked great questions which means that she was obviously very good at what she does.

SHE RESPONDED, “I am actually the CEO. I like to see how new vendors who want my business will treat a receptionist because it says lots about who they really are as a person.” I was floored! What a great idea!

THE GOLDEN RULE! Treat everyone the way you want to be treated! You never know who you may meet & need one day!

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